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We aim to make life easier with smarter and friendlier software. As a company with international staff and background, we build Microsoft Office 365 solutions and Artificial Intelligence products, such as Chatbot.
Chatbot Solution
Specialized for

Our Chatbot solutions have industrial knowledge and cater for specific scenarios. We can enable a Chatbot solution for you quickly and allow you to start collecting customer feedback and data. We also have developed a special tool to train the Chatbot so you can get a SMART bot in the shortest time.

AI Solutions

We are innovative in combining AI technologies with Microsoft Office365. For example, if a project manager is in a hurry to review lots of project-related emails (this happens a lot), our tool can categorize emails by its nature and help the PM to choose which email to read first. Our tool also provides the option to perform a "next step" action after reading the email so that the PM can quickly get productive.

Our Services

Microsoft SharePoint

Our team has worked with SharePoint starting from 2003 version (that's old!) and we have lots of experience in designing and implementing a custom SharePoint solution. No matter if your idea is to use SharePoint for Intranet, eForms, Knowledge Management, or other business purposes, we can support you on a project basis or on a long-term retention basis.

Microsoft Yammer

We are addicted to enterprise social technologies such as Yammer and it is no secret that we have very deep knowledge in how to construct and encourage social media interaction in the workplace. We know what clicks and what does not in a company setting regarding social behavior. Don’t worry, we won't encourage a platform just for fun and play =)

Microsoft Azure

Azure Cognitive Services are part of our daily work and we stay on top of what's current. Especially in the area of Artificial Intelligence, change is happening every day and our research will keep us up-to-date. We specialize in linguistic-based AI, such as text analytics, auto-classification and natural language processing.

Say Hello to Us
Feel free to reach us for any inquiries. Our headquarters are in Hong Kong and we also have sales representatives in the US.